Which ‘Frozen’ character are you most like?

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  1. Question 1: What do you love most about winter?

  2. Question 2: How would your friends describe your personality?

  3. Question 3: What do you like to do when it snows?

  4. Question 4: What’s your favorite kind of drink?

  5. Question 5: What’s your favorite snowy activity?

  6. Question 6: Wolves are attacking you. How do you react?

  7. Question 7: Your best friend isn’t having the best day. What do you do?

  8. Question 8: It’s the weekend and you’re super bored. How do you preoccupy yourself?

  9. Question 9: You find out a crush likes you back. How do you react?

  10. Question 10: What’s your favorite song from ‘Frozen’?

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