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  1. Question 1: How much time do you usually take to get ready?

  2. Question 2: Are you always on time for your dates?

  3. Question 3: If you find your date really boring, what do you do?

  4. Question 4: If you don’t happen to click with someone, and he/she calls you for a date again, you

  5. Question 5: If your date is looking great, what do you do?

  6. Question 6: What do you talk about on your first and second dates?

  7. Question 7: Have you ever taken a small gift for your date, for no reason at all?

  8. Question 8: Do you love to talk about yourself, your problems in life, achievements, family, etc?

  9. Question 9: After a great date, how much time would you wait before calling him/her ?

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